Best Budget SmartPhones of 2018 You Should Never Miss

ZTE introduced the $80 Tempo Go, a compact model with a 5-inch screen and 8 GB of storage you can expand with a microSD card. ZenFone 5Q review: We’ve had a chance to review the ZenFone 5Q , and while the new phone offers four cameras — two rear shooters plus two more up front — and a capable processor, clunky software keeps it from being our top choice for a sub-$300 smartphone. You’ve read the reviews and have formed your own opinions on the devices you’ve owned and currently own, but with our vast access to devices, TechSpot’s guide to the best smartphones is meant to highlight the stuff that matters, what we’ve bought ourselves, making it easier for you to buy the best possible device given a certain price point. You’ve had cheaper phones before, but usually you get to that price point because the hardware is lower spec and you end up running an older version of the OS,” said Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies.

You’ve got essentially the same display, chipset, software, and camera setup. You’re rewarded with power, pure Android and that wonderful camera in this phone, although it’s starting to get a little old, so the hardware isn’t the latest generation on offer. You’re going to need a MicroSD card to expand your phone’s memory so have a look at our complete guide to memory cards to find the right MicroSD card for your smartphone, or you can take a look at more camera phone reviews if you haven’t found what you’re looking for.

Your choice of carrier: Unlike some phone sold by carriers, unlocked phones aren’t exclusively limited to one network. Your buying guide to the best budget phones in 2018. You’ll struggle to find a better camera for this low, low price.

You’ll quickly find that some of the best deals on cheap phones are sold via mobile operators. You’ll need to be ok with some laggy performance and the unreliable cameras. You’ll have to wait until September for the next iPhone, though we don’t expect a revolutionary upgrade.

You’ll find better specs in Chinese phones, but if you don’t need a dual-SIM phone and you want the peace of mind of a proper UK warranty, it’s a solid choice. You’d almost have been better off having no phone at all than putting up with one of those devices. You won’t want to post many pictures from the not-great camera on Instagram, but if you want a decent snapper, you’ll look at phones that cost more.

You won’t see much of an improvement in performance unless you spend double the £79 asking price, so for teenagers or as a simple internet tool it will suffice. You won’t find too many Samsung Galaxy models on lists of best budget smartphones, but the Galaxy J3 is a prime example of top-notch Samsung engineering on a shoestring. You won’t find too many phones out there with dual rear and front cameras, full stop.

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